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Disaster Recovery
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Secure Cloud Backup - Disaster Recovery Services

Wind, flood, lightning, fire... even theft - disaster could be just around the corner! Does your company have a disaster recovery plan?  As with security systems and break-ins, many people only consider their disaster plan after a disaster has struck.  Unfortunately, many of us know the outcome of that scenario.

Be a step ahead of disaster and catastrophic data loss from -

  • Hard Disk Drive Failure
    It's not IF but WHEN computer hardware will fail. 
  • Lightning Strikes/Voltage Spikes
    Surge protectors usually stop normal voltage spikes but not close-proximity lightning strikes.
  • Break-in/Burglary
    Stolen or destroyed computers equals lost data files.
  • Employee-Caused Data Loss
    Accidental or even intentional data loss caused by an employee is not uncommon.
  • Natural Disaster
    Fire, flood, wind... often leads to hardware and data loss.

Any good disaster recovery plan begins with a good backup plan.  Let's look at two backup methods that are available to businesses:

  • Local In-Office (PC, CD, DVD, Tape, Etc.)
  • Cloud with Redundancy

Local backup/data storage is commonly found in offices across the country.  This is a good backup option --- unless disaster strikes your workplace, which unfortunately is an all too common occurrence.  Many business owners or managers even go as far as having an employee perform a backup and then, realizing that leaving it on premises is not a good idea, transport the backup to their home.  The issues with this scenario are whether or not the backup actually gets performed, the security of the company's data, and the integrity of the backup.  Also, if the backup gets performed the employee likely spends 30-60 minutes of time carrying out the task each day which would likely cost the business $200 to $300 every month.  Even then, the aforementioned issues with the backups have not been addressed. 

Data to cloud backup with redundancy is performed automatically.  The backup can be carried out at a set time daily, multiple times throughout the day, or can even be set to continuously scan for changes and back up the changed data immediately.  Additionally, your backups can be automatically stored on servers in multiple areas simultaneously.  All of this can be done while utilizing military strength encryption to assure the safety of your data.

In the event of a data loss your company's data can be quickly restored;  In some instances it could take only minutes. 

This covers your data but what about the loss of your office computers?  There are several methods that can be adopted to assure that you're back up and running smoothly in as little time as possible.  We'll be happy to discuss options during a consultation at your office.

Quite simply --- there is no substitute for a proper disaster recovery plan.  Do you have the peace of mind in knowing that you're covered in the event of a loss?  If not then fill and submit the form below to get started.